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Digital Publishing Specialist Program Starts 30 April 2012!

There is a major switch happening right now in the Digital Publishing industry. The reality is the people LOVE their books, but more and more are snuggling up to a favorite book or magazine on their Amazon Kindle Fire or iPad (via the handy dandy iBook). While physical books may not be “exiting stage right” anytime soon, the growth of digital book sales here in 2012 is simply staggering! People are consuming their favorite publications digitally at alarming rates. In fact in 2011, Amazon digital book sales surpassed both hardcover and paperback book sales by more than double!

The reality is that digital books are cheaper, faster to receive and more accessible then the good old hard copy. Not to mention … Authors are recognizing the HUGE profit potential of digital book sales over physical books.

So, to summarize the facts …

  1. Digital books are selling like crazy
  2. Authors are chomping at the bit to create a digital format of their book

AND, Virtual Professionals have the unbelievable opportunity right now to position themselves as a Digital Publishing Specialist. Remember, Authors love to write, but they don’t want to think about the technical set-up required to publish their book on Kindle or iBook. This is a prime opportunity to build a very hot, income-building niche into your business.

Our friends at the popular training center, VAClassroom.com have just released the brand new and hotly requested “Digital Publishing Specialist Program“. This course will give you the exact steps to set-up a physical book in a digital format through Amazon Kindle and other popular online publishing platforms. This course will fill a HUGE skill gap currently preventing authors from profiting in the digital realm.

The course begins April 30th and there are still a few seats left.

Check out all the details here: