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  • Can You Afford to Miss AVAC 2013?

Can You Afford to Miss AVAC 2013?

Each year we’ve had wonderful discussions on what attending AVAC has meant to the many delegates.  Last year’s popular phrase was ‘not-negotiable’. The date for the AVAC event should be put into every VA’s diary for the following year and marked as a not-negotiable date. That means you don’t let clients, family, hobbies or other interests get in your way.

It’s a known fact that when people attend an industry based event, they come away filled with new knowledge, ideas and will often grow their businesses even faster after applying what they’ve picked up from an event.

But there’s so much more than that.

Imagine being in the company of VAs you only know online for a full 2 day period (longer if you plan to do things before or after the event).  This means sitting with them at the lunch or dinner table, as well as chatting during refreshment time. Being able to pick the brains of those you’d wanted to meet and chat with. Share ideas and thoughts, swap business cards, develop friendships.  Many have developed strong friendships after meeting for the first time, face-to-face, at an AVAC event.

Here is some of the feedback from last year about the presenters:

  • She made me feel like a million dollars!  4BAs will rule my business
  • Networking is most important to business and the only way to grow your business
  • I am a new VA – this session shows me networking is a key business builder
  • Very good practical working knowledge for this industry
  • I didn’t think I’d like this one because I don’t do too much in Word/Excel and I know the programs well, but I loved what she shared, and she was delightful to watch
  • Awesome hints and here I was thinking I had a lot of knowledge in these programs

And some about the event in general:

  • Meeting some very interesting ladies and speakers that covered many relevant topics to business that many of us may or may not be aware of. Interesting topics to improve my business.
  • Very informative and funny. It made me realise being a VA doesn’t mean my struggles/concerns are just mine- we all go through the same thing.
  •  Starting out as a VA it was being in the presence of practising VAs giving their working knowledge
  • I crystallised who my ideal client is; renewed friendships and may have secured a client
  • I have learnt so much that is relevant to my VA business. The speakers are tailored to my profession and very relevant.
  • Meeting other VAs that you talk with on forums. Opportunity to network.
  • Socialising and meeting more VAs, and reconnecting with the old. Being re-inspired in business.

AVAC is for all VAs – new and experienced, and even those who haven’t started yet but are thinking about it. Here’s an ideal opportunity to get a lot of information in a short space of time.

Finally, I’d like to share with you words from a seasoned VA who attended a VA conference in the US. Her words very much apply to our Australian event too:


Many newer VAs say that because their client load is low, they don’t have the money to spend on such things. I can safely say I attracted more clients, and earned several thousands of dollars more, the year following my first convention, simply due to putting into practice some of the relatively easy revenue-generating ideas I got from others at the conference–from the speakers, of course, but especially from the other attendees. In my opinion, coming to the convention is not an extravagance; it’s something you owe to your career. It’s an investment in your business–and it may very well be the thing that keeps it from failing. I have seen a huge percentage of those who try self-employment give up and go back the job world because they simply didn’t know enough about how to get and keep clients.box text here

Nina Feldman

I believe this is an event that many really cannot afford to miss out on and it’s not too late to book. Why not do that today?  Register today at http://australianvaconference.com/registration/

Written by Kathie Thomas for AVAC


AVAC 2013 Update …

If you haven’t been to AVAC the website lately you wouldn’t have yet learned that our venue is The Star Room, at Darling Harbour, Sydney.  Our Sydney based committee have been to check out a few venues and recommended this one as the ideal choice for our event. We’re delighted with what we’ve learnt about it and look forward to holding AVAC 2013 there.

We also have our first two sponsors.  BeMyVA has come back on board as a Gold Sponsor this year.  We encourage you to visit their site; a service that supports the VA industry from their UK base. Their primary vision is to connect entrepreneurs and business leaders with Virtual Assistants. They want clients to easily locate their chosen help to assist with the time consuming administration, back-office or on-line networking and marketing tasks – leaving clients to run their business.

Our other Gold Sponsor is QOTEe and we welcome their support of our event. QOTE is an independent Publication and Print Management Company specialising in print and the services around it.  At QOTE we provide management of concept, design and production for a wide range of materials, including printing and packaging, publications and brochures, signage, display systems and a large variety of promotional items.

We welcome more sponsors and invite you to view the various levels.

We have received several speaker submissions and will be closing them off in a couple of weeks or so. We expect to announce who all the speakers are in December, possibly earlier.

Registrations are starting to come in and we are delighted with the response so far.  Please make sure you get your booking in while the early bird rates are still available.  You can pay in full or choose a part payment option.

Information will be forthcoming later regarding accommodation options near the venue, so stay tuned!

Venue for AVAC 2013 has been announced …

At the 3rd annual event, we announced that AVAC 2013 will be held in Sydney and it didn’t take long for a small committee of Sydney based VAs to be formed to assist Kathie and I with the planning. After undertaking a few site inspections, we had our shortlist of 3 which we felt were most suitable and we’re excited to announce that the Star Room at Darling Harbour will be the venue of choice.

Some of us here in Melbourne have already booked our flights. Jetstar has specials on till the end of this month so if you’re not in NSW you might just want to visit Jetstar’s site and check out what specials are available to you from your own major city. Keep an eye out for Friday Frenzy deals too.

The event will be held 22-23 March 2013 starting at around 8.30am Friday and finishing approximately 4.30pm Saturday. We’re looking at the possibility of some extra activities for those visiting Sydney before heading back home. Let us know if you want to join us for the Bridge Climb.

Registrations are open and there is a call for speakers and sponsors. Please feel free to share this information with your friends and colleagues. You can find all the details at the AVAC site.

We hope to see you there!

56 Days to AVAC …

Great to see the bookings steadily coming in, and in particular, from those who are new to the industry. We have so much to share with you and teach you about the industry you’ve chosen to join.  For those who have been around for awhile, we’re excited to be getting together again – face-to-face. While our industry is largely virtual, there is nothing like actually meeting people in the flesh, so to speak, and connect with each other, share a chat, a meal and general fellowship.  You can’t get a physical hug from someone online and the opportunity for personal discussion, sharing of experiences and group discussions make for a very personal experience that will stay with you for a long time after the event.  Friendships can be forged for years to come – so it’s not too late to book!

Venue details are on the site, as well as accommodation.  Some of the committee will be staying at the venue as will our MC and a couple of speakers, so if you’re thinking about staying too, you’ll know that there will be company around 24/7 during the event.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Now, our sponsor, BeMyVA has something to say!

We are delighted to have the opportunity to sponsor and work with such distinguished multi-award winning members of the VA industry – such as Kathie Thomas, Anita Kilkenny, Kylie Short and all of the AVAC committee of Virtual Assistants.

It is a pleasure working with such a professional, organised team, and we look forward to the Australian VA Conference in Melbourne, being a major success once again in 2012. Here’s to another great networking and learning experience for VAs.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

We’d also like to introduce one of the male speakers for our event – Alister Cameron.  In recent years, Alister Cameron has been listed in the Age as one of Australia five most read bloggers, and identified by the Herald Sun as Australia’s third-most followed Twitterer (behind Kevin Rudd and Shane Warne). He is a frequent speaker and consultant on matters related to the future of business communications and social networking technologies.

Alister lists his profession as “Blogologist” and, over more than 10 years, has developed expertise in both the strategic and technical aspects of blogging and online marketing/communications.  For those of you who have thought about blogging, or have dabbled with it, here is a real opportunity to hear from someone who has taken blogging very seriously indeed and we are honoured that he has accepted our invitation to speak at our event.

Sponsor Opportunities for AVAC

If you have a service or product you feel is of benefit to the Virtual Assistant industry then we would love to have you involved as a sponsor for our event.

There is potential for exposure to over 2,000 VAs via online promotions and local VA listings during the lead up to the event and after the event. So it’s not just the delegates you will get in front of but also all VAs who see these promotions.

Bearing in mind that Virtual Assistants operate virtually, if your product or service is suitable for VAs outside of Australia, then the potential for exposure could be even higher.

Please note: International sponsors more than welcome – our industry is global.

Please click here for full details about sponsorship.

And if you’d like to have a trade table, donate a prize giveaway or have your brochures in our conference bag, then please click here for that information.

AVAC Update …

It’s only 14 days till the early bird bookings close … don’t miss out and book today!  If you are having problems with booking, please let us know. We’ve had two people say they had problems, although all other bookings have been coming through fine. A Paypal payment link has been set up as well to give you options. Or, if you wish to pay by EFT, then fill out the registration form and let us know. We’ll give you the details.

In the meantime, we wish to introduce you to our Gold Sponsor for this year.

BeMyVA – In the beginning …

Since 1999, our parent company has operated as a business consultancy, engaging Virtual Assistants on a regular basis. In searching for specific skill-sets and availability, we became frustrated by many of the Virtual Assistant directories that have existed to date and more specifically, the search result information available.

BeMyVA.com has been developed as an independent, international and innovative directory for locating professional Virtual Assistants worldwide. Our primary business mission is to actively promote the value, skills, resources and professionalism of Virtual Assistants to the business community at large.

Please make sure you visit BeMyVA.com’s site to learn more about them.

By the way, we still have room for more sponsors so if you know someone who has an affinity with our industry and would be a potential sponsor, please point them in our direction.

We’d like to introduce Annemarie Cross who is a Branding Strategist, Money Mindset & Business Coach and Host of the Ambitious Entrepreneur Show, who will be speaking at the Conference this year.

Annemarie helps entrepreneurs get more clients by standing out, getting hired and paid what their worth so they can breakthrough to a 6-figure (or more) business.

AVAC 2012 – It’s On Again!

The Australian VA Conference is on again for 2012. It will be held on Friday 4 May and Saturday 5 May at the Parkview Hotel, St Kilda Road – a wonderful venue with full facilities and located just a short tram drive from the centre of town.

There is a great line up of speakers this year covering a wide range of topics from ‘Million Dollar Relationships’ to ‘Time Management Using Outlook, from ‘Online Branding and Social Media Strategy’ to ‘WordPress’, just to name a few … Follow the links for a full list of topics and speakers.

Keeping things on track this year as MC is the wonderful Sandi Givens. Those in the office professional industry will know who Sandi is, especially since she is the Patron for AIOP.  Sandi has tons of experience when it comes to being involved in conferences and seminars and it will be great to have her join us this time round.

Warwick Merry will be back as well to give a sessional presentation ‘Let’s Get Serious”. No doubt this is will be very entertaining topic as was his MC prowess over the last two years with AVAC.

Early bird bookings close on 15 February (in 21 days!) and the cost is $225.00.  You can elect to pay in 3 part payments as well.  Full payment will be $299.00 thereafter.  Can’t come for both days? We have a one day option as well.

Have you seen the new look site yet? It had an overhaul over the weekend and has a brand new look. Why not come check it out?


AKA Virtual PA – IVAD Award Nomination

I am thrilled and honoured to share the news that I have been nominated for the 2011 Thomas Leonard International Virtual Assistant of Distinction Award which is part of the Online International Virtual Assistants Convention being held from the 19 – 21 May 2011.

The winner will be announced on Friday 19 May 2011 during the  International Virtual Assistants Day (IVAD) celebrations during OIVAC (Saturday morning around 7.00am AEST).

The Convention will cover over 40 topics relating to the VA industry, including presentations on VA services, marketing, business development, technology, tools, sponsor sessions, networking, training, mentoring, etc. all of which will be available for dowloading after the Convention. IVAD is a free event for all to attend. Until 1 May 2011, OIVAC are offering a discounted rate of $US179 – see my earlier post.

What? Only $US179 to attend OIVAC?

The 6th annual OIVAC theme of “Move Your Business from 1st Gear to Hyper-drive”, isn’t just a tag line!  As the longest running VA event of its kind, the OIVAC Steering Committee has again lined up a stellar array of speakers and Virtual Assistants to help you understand how to get your business on the track and running like a well cared for high performance machine through the 2nd and future business quarters.

And all for the unheard of price of $179! That’s NOT a typo! A $179 investment could positively impact your business growth and development.

For $US179 – you get:

  • Access to 35 (that’s the BIG “3-5”) experts over three Convention days
  • 40 different topics to help you grow your business; including  presentations on VA services, marketing, business development, technology, tools, sponsor sessions, networking, training, mentoring, etc.
  • Not having to leave the comfort of home, no travel expenses, no hotel fees, no costly meals, no babysitting or leaving your business behind expenses
  • At a minimum, it’s possible to leave the Convention with 35 PowerPoint presentations as a take away from each event to view later, at your leisure and to keep for reference
  • Direct interaction with international VA industry leaders, coaches, trainers and other expert business owners
  • An audio (mp.3) of each presentation, supplied to paid attendees after the end of the Convention
  • Entrance to 4 Ask the Expert VAs panels (formerly called the “Hot Seat” Panel), hear first-hand how Expert VAs manage and grow their business, and get answers to specific questions from YOU regarding YOUR business
  • A give-away offered to the attendees by each of the presenters in their individual sessions
  • A certificate of completion that can be displayed on your web site or included in your promotional materials from the VAClassrooms sponsored Building Profitable Product Launch Systems for Your Clients! session
  • Access to prizes through the International Virtual Assistants Day (IVAD) Celebration
  • The Great VA Giveaway Goodie Bag; a stash of resources for participants
  • Opportunity to meet and to network with VAs in your niche and target market
  • The ability to mingle with coaches and trainers in one place, at one time
  • The potential to get leads for new clients, subcontracting work, and ideas for new services you might provide
  • A formidable business tax write-off
  • And much, much, more

Value, Value, Value – did we say “Value”?

Register Now

Consider This!

If you enrolled in ONE session given by a VA trainer or business coach, individually, you would spend anywhere from $79.00 to $199 and up. The OIVAC provides 40+ hours of value, AND you keep the recordings, Powerpoint presentations, giveaways AND just as important, interact with VAs and expert small business leaders who walk the walk and talk the talk, daily!

This year’s convention has something for everyone – newbies, aspiring, and veteran business owners and Virtual Assistants; even those just kicking the tires. Anyone looking to “Move Their Business from 1st Gear to Hyper-Drive”.

Mark Your Calendar now to take advantage of a foolproof opportunity to bring your business into the 21st Century by learning from some of the most respected and successful Virtual Assistants in business today.

You’d be foolish not to register for the Convention by May 1st, before this special disappears and the same access costs $499.

In case you’ve missed Conventions in years past or if you haven’t had a chance to drop by the OIVAC site recently, the schedule has been posted.

Courtesy OIVAC website.