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56 Days to AVAC ...

Great to see the bookings steadily coming in, and in particular, from those who are new to the industry. We have so much to share with you and teach you about the industry you’ve chosen to join.  For those who have been around for awhile, we’re excited to be getting together again – face-to-face. While our industry is largely virtual, there is nothing like actually meeting people in the flesh, so to speak, and connect with each other, share a chat, a meal and general fellowship.  You can’t get a physical hug from someone online and the opportunity for personal discussion, sharing of experiences and group discussions make for a very personal experience that will stay with you for a long time after the event.  Friendships can be forged for years to come – so it’s not too late to book!

Venue details are on the site, as well as accommodation.  Some of the committee will be staying at the venue as will our MC and a couple of speakers, so if you’re thinking about staying too, you’ll know that there will be company around 24/7 during the event.

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Now, our sponsor, BeMyVA has something to say!

We are delighted to have the opportunity to sponsor and work with such distinguished multi-award winning members of the VA industry – such as Kathie Thomas, Anita Kilkenny, Kylie Short and all of the AVAC committee of Virtual Assistants.

It is a pleasure working with such a professional, organised team, and we look forward to the Australian VA Conference in Melbourne, being a major success once again in 2012. Here’s to another great networking and learning experience for VAs.

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We’d also like to introduce one of the male speakers for our event – Alister Cameron.  In recent years, Alister Cameron has been listed in the Age as one of Australia five most read bloggers, and identified by the Herald Sun as Australia’s third-most followed Twitterer (behind Kevin Rudd and Shane Warne). He is a frequent speaker and consultant on matters related to the future of business communications and social networking technologies.

Alister lists his profession as “Blogologist” and, over more than 10 years, has developed expertise in both the strategic and technical aspects of blogging and online marketing/communications.  For those of you who have thought about blogging, or have dabbled with it, here is a real opportunity to hear from someone who has taken blogging very seriously indeed and we are honoured that he has accepted our invitation to speak at our event.


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